Puzzling and adorable political intrigue.


Puzzling and adorable political intrigue.

Available on Steam for Mac & PC

Developer : Space Wagon Games

Publisher : Electric Monk Media

Propaganda Llama puts you in control of the government broadcast machine on a mission to indoctrinate the masses and consolidate power with The Lleader. As you campaign the countryside, utilize the one-button interface to spread fluff to silence the resistance. Do not be fooled by a cuddly exterior, these are aspiring overlords. Lloyalty before dishonour!

10/10 Would Llama again.
— freeman.ngt (Steam Review)


I am very obsessed with this game. When I find myself leaving it for the day, I end up coming back to it later on to play some more...
— mistermeowow (Steam Review)


Propaganda Llama is available on both Mac & PC!

Puzzling and adorable political intrigue. Journey through over 50 llevels of challenging puzzles populated with plenty of llamas.